Happy Easter, people!

Though today did start as sort of horrible, it’s turning into one of the best Easter Sundays ever. :)

We just had a holiday-family-lunch at my grandparents’ place, something we do every year, sure, but since Grandma was in hospital, it didn’t look like we’d have any kind of celebration this year, so the whole experience, I guess, made me appreciate the little things like these more. Also, Grandma’s cooking.

I got some cool presents, too: like this glowing necklace I’d been wanting forever, more exercise equipment for my new ~healthy lifestyle, plane tickets to London, and money to get a dress made for the premiere, but most importantly, understanding from my family re: my decision to drop computer sciences, and pursue a career in writing.

Naturally, at first there was yelling, and crying, and whatnot, just as I’d expected, but they did listen to what I had to say, and even though my choice could’t be farther away from what most of them (read: everyone but my Mom) had in mind for me, it’s my choice, and they promised to respect that, so I guess in the end they do really just want me to be happy.

Also, I’m finally done with the work, stress and chaos overloaded haze that was the past two weeks, so I’m back to living in my own timezone, knowing which day it is, and not walking around the house like a zombie on drugs.

So, I wish you all a happy and fulfilled Easter! :)